We now offer Move In/Out cleaning services in Kitchener and Waterloo. If you need a home cleaner in Kitchener, or a home cleaner in Waterloo - we are the right people for cleaning your home!

  • 3-Bedroom Move Out/In: $250
  • 4-Bedroom Move Out/In: $300
  • Apartment or Townhouse Move Out/In: $180
  • Questions? Call us or send us an email

Note: there is a $99+tax minimum charge


Our Cleaning Plan for Your Home

Always Included

✔ Our highly skilled, friendly, Tidy Team cleaners
✔ All cleaning supplies (excluding vacuum cleaner)
✔ Insurance for your peace of mind
✔ Unparalleled customer service by email, live-chat and telephone
✔ Great discounts for regular cleaning
✔ Tidy Team satisfaction guarantee


✔ Quick de-clutter of floors
✔ Wipe table tops


✔ Bathrooms
✔ Clean countertops
✔ Scrub toilets
✔ Wipe bathroom cabinets (outside)
✔ Clean sinks
✔ Rinse and wipe bath tubs and or shower


✔ Wipe fridge (outside)
✔ Clean countertops
✔ Wipe appliances
✔ Clean sink (including plughole)

All Areas

✔ Vacuum and mop all floors
✔ Dust all surfaces

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