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What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

We care about our house cleaning service to you, and we’re not satisfied if you’re not. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a spot was missed just call us within 24 hours and we will return to your home immediately and clean that area. Though note, this only applies to service rendered with a flat-rate pricing (i.e. not hourly rate).

What is included in my cleaning?

General weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning:

Hallways, Living area and all the rooms:
Dust and Cobwebs wiped down
Furniture polished
Mirrors cleaned
Window sills/frames cleaned
Top of door frame dusted
Ceiling fan blades dusted
Floor vacuumed/swept/moped
Lamps/Lamp Shades dusted
TV dusted

Cabinet doors wiped down
Microwave cleaned
Range hood / Stove top cleaned
Refrigerator wiped down
Sink cleaned/Chrome polished
Cobwebs wiped down
Wastebaskets emptied
Appliances wiped down
Counter top/backsplash cleaned
Floor swept/moped
Trash /Recycling Bags changed

Bath Tub cleaned
Toilet cleaned outside/inside
Tiles cleaned
Sink cleaned / Chrome polished
Cobwebs wiped down
Mirrors and cabinets cleaned
Counter top cleaned
Trash basket emptied
Floor swept and mopped

Mirrors cleaned
Linens changed/beds made
Top of door frame dusted
Furniture polished
Window sills/frames cleaned
Floor vacuumed/swept/moped
Dust and Cobwebs wiped down
Wastebasket emptied
Lamps/Lamp Shades dusted

Deep cleaning:

General cleaning and additional:
Baseboards, doors and walls washed
Cabinets cleaned inside, top of cabinets dusted
Windows washed from inside and blinds cleaned
Oven, refrigerator and dishwasher cleaned
Floors polished

Detail cleaning:

Detail cleaning is a deep cleaning with every single inch of the room/home cleaned.
Behind stove and refrigerator, behind shelves etc. Everything movable will be moved and cleaned.
We suggest this type once a year, before a newborn is arriving to the family or you are renting out the home.

Why does a one-time or first-time cleaning take longer?

House cleaning is hard work. The first time we come out to clean your home or office, the job is scrubbing intensive as we get all areas cleaned to sparkling high standards.
Depending on the initial level of grime and clutter, a first-time cleaning can take 1.2-2.0 times longer than subsequent cleanings. It obviously takes longer to clean a tub or shower that has a lot of build up than a tub that’s been cleaned frequently. We will clean to whatever style you wish, but left to our own devices, we clean until your home shines.

My cleaning is booked for 9 AM. When will they actually arrive?

While we strive to have the cleaning start at the exact time you’ve requested, realistically your Tidy Team cleaner will arrive within 30 minutes of the start of your booking. So in this example in most cases it would be between 9 and 9:30

Why do I need to supply the vacuum?

This policy is in place for sanitary reasons, since the vacuum can transport the dust particles from house to house. For instance, if you have a cat allergy and the previous house we vacuumed was filled with cat hair, using the same vacuum might impact your health.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

We arrive with cleaning supplies and equipment to make your home or office sparkle. Note that for your safety we do not bring our own vacuum cleaners – this avoids transporting allergens and other problems from house to house.
We even bring our own freshly laundered soft cotton towels to clean with. You’ll be happy to know that many of our products are earth friendly and/or either unscented or low scented. If you’d like us to use your cleaning equipment or any special cleaning supplies, just let us know. We’d be happy to do so.

Can I request special tasks or extras?

Customers love Tidy Team because we listen and we build a customized cleaning checklist for each customer. Yes, we can add additional tasks to the cleaning as long as they are within our core competencies.
Types of jobs we leave to other professionals:
– carpet cleaning
– washing walls
– exterior windows

Can I trust my cleaning professional?

You can trust Tidy Team cleaners.
Our employees have all been background checked and are covered by insurance. No matter who you hire to clean your home, always insist on a criminal background check.
We’ve turned down 100’s of applications from house cleaners that have current house cleaning experience and a theft or any other conviction. Tidy Team sends screened, trusted, and dependable employees to your door. If we would not trust someone in to clean our own home or office, we’re not going to send them to clean yours.

What happens if something goes wrong during my appointment?

Please call us within 24 hours if something was missed during your cleaning. We try very hard to please our clients, but sometimes we do make mistakes. We guarantee our services, so we will return to correct the problem at no additional charge.
If something small was missed that you would just like to bring to our attention. Please do call, email, or leave a note for the team the next time they come out. But please do let us know, we would not want to make the same mistake twice. Communication is very important. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume everything is well.
We welcome all feedback that helps us improve our service to you.

Are Tidy Team cleaners insured?

Yes, Tidy Team carries liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you and will cover damage to your home or property that is caused by Tidy Team employees.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please provide 48 hour notice for all cancellations. There is a $35.00 fee for over-the-phone cancellations occurring within 48 hours of the scheduled service. A $64.00 cancellation fee for at-the-door cancellations. These cancellations only cover the business cost.

My vacuum doesn’t work/I don’t have a vacuum, what should I do?

Please let us know beforehand and for an additional fee of $20/cleaning we will use our HEPA-filter vacuum.

This is the first time I’ve had someone clean my home – what should I do to prepare?

It would be helpful for you to clear the floors and counters of any items other than furniture. This will ensure that we can clean as much as possible instead of spending our time with tidying up beforehand.
You should also bring out your vacuum so that we easily access it during your cleaning.

Can the same cleaner come to my house every time?

Yes! We understand trust and reliability are really important for our customers and so we try to ensure it is the same Tidy Team cleaner each time.

Oh no, I forgot to be at home for when my cleaning started. What happens now?

We understand this can happen! As you can imagine our staff’s time does have value and so you will be charged a 50% lockout fee to cover your cleaners time. If you ever need to cancel or reschedule a clean, you must give 24 hours written notice prior to the booking.

Do I Pay Less If The Cleaner Leaves Before The Estimated Finish Time?

We have two types of cleanings appointments: job and hourly. If we give you a quote based on the size of your home then it means that we are giving you a job type cleaning and we will leave when the work is completed. The time estimate is a guide for you to know when we might be done but we could take longer or less.
If we give you an hourly quote (e.g. $25/hr) then we will stay as long as we prearranged with you.

How do you calculate hourly cleaning jobs?

The cleaning business has a slightly odd way of calculating and quoting hourly jobs. We do a calculation of the number of staff multiplied by the number of hours they are expected to clean.

For example, a total of 6 hours could be 3 staff x 2 hours of cleaning